Expected Outcomes for the Consortium



Outcome Indicator

First Year

Second Year

Third Year


1. Outstanding scientific problems solved

       Identification of Core collection

       Confirmation of stress tolerant

       Characterized genetic stocks

       cDNA libraries of expressed sequences

       Value addition to the genetic resources

       New genetic stocks for improvements of target species

       Functional genes for stress tolerance








2. New methodology developed and scientific benefits it provides

Development of procedure for evaluation of abiotic stress tolerance


Screening techniques for stress tolerance

Characterized genetic stocks New SSRs, SNPs and other markers

       Association mapping technique

       Half sib mapping

       Screening techniques

       Core/referenc collection

       Facility for phenotyping for stress tolerance

       High throughput genotyping facility



       3. New frontier technology developed (including conceptually novel varieties, breeds, strains etc.)



       Haplotype structures

       Markers tags for tolerance to abioitic stresses in the target species

       Breeding lines, genetic stocks; new allelic variations in different in different target species

       Germplasm with new allelic variations for stress tolerance



4. New knowledge and skills acquired by the scientists



       Genetic control of target traits

       Expertise in screening and value addition to genetic resources in diverse crops

       Skills for exploitation of germplasm in crop improvement

       Structure of populations

       Distribution of allelic variation

       Trained human resources in bioprospecting and allele mining



5. Patents taken/applied for





New genetic stocks in the crops will be registered.

New genes, alleles and technology to br protected


6. Patents Sold/Royality rearrangements made





To be negotiated