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The NAIP is to facilitate accelerated and sustainable transformation of Indian agriculture in support of poverty alleviation and income generation by collaborative development and application of agricultural innovation by the public research organizations in partnership with the farmer’s groups, the private sector, the civil society organizations and other stakeholders. more

BAM Project

India is fortunate to have a rich bio-diversity. Characterisation and utilisation of this diversity is essential to meet the challenges of biotic and abiotic stresses under changing climate. The present project proposal is a step in this direction. A long-term perspective of this project is to:

  • Prospect novel genes, promoters and alleles for economically important traits using indigenous bioresources
  • Functionally validate the new genes in model systems and different genetic backgrounds,
  • Transfer of the validated genes and alleles to recipient species cutting across biological barriers and
  • Develop highly competent groups of scientists of international standard drawn from various disciplines and institutions for undertaking research in genomics and its application for improvement of agricultural species.

In short-term, the project seeks to specifically address four main objectives:

  • Generation of genomic resource base to facilitate gene prospecting and allele mining,
  • Prospecting for new genes and alleles for abiotic stress tolerance (moisture stress, salinity and sodicity, soil acidity, adverse temperature and submergence/anoxia),
  • Functional validation of the identified genes in model plant systems and
  • Use of the identified genes/allele in genetic enhancement of target species.

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